Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life On A Farm

When people visit a working farm they do not realise how much work, money and time is put into making it work. It takes a lot of hard work and effort put in by farmers to keep their business and livelihood ticking over. Whether they have it for meat, crops or dairy, it is a hard job to have and make work.

Many people envision farmers sitting in their lovely farmhouse relaxing after milking a cow but it is not as simple as this. They would first needed to purchase the animals that they have and also breed them to make sure they have more coming in as a farm without animals is not going to be of much use. They need to accommodate each of the different types of animals and make sure that these are kept clean regularly. If one animal is struck down by a disease or illness it can have a serious effect on other animals, so making sure their health is at its best is very imperative.

Not only do the animals need shelter, they need the correct animal feed too. If the farmer is breeding animals for meat then the right amount of animal feed is important to make sure they gain enough weight and grow to their full potential to produce quality meat. Of course buying in bulk is the easiest option and they will need different types to suit the animals. As well as taking care of the animals and providing for them, the farmer will also need to invest in a wide range of machinery and equipment that will allow them to carry out the necessary jobs they need to do. If they are milking cows as part of a dairy farm then the will have to buy machinery to cater for this, from big machines to the smaller things such as containers to hold the milk.

Of course they will have benefits to working on a farm, including having fresh produce that they have grown or made themselves. This will certainly cut the bill when supermarket shopping and will be a lot tastier too. They could also open up the farm to the public as many already do, this will encourage families to spend the day and see what it is like. It is a great side earner for the farm itself and they could set certain opening days, so they still make sure they can complete all the necessary jobs where it is best people are not in the way.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Importance of Water for Pets

Man's best friend is not his neighbor nor his spouse but his pet dog (open for debate). This is now a common notion widely accepted by all regardless of race, nation, religion or social standing. Whether or not you are white or black, rich or poor, or either you live in the coldest or hottest country, you can own and have your best-furry friend. Some are so costly and bought for a price shocking to the human conscience (pets of Hollywood stars) while some are picked up from the streets on a lonely, rainy night. The latter are those stray homeless dogs pitied on. It is a wonder how and why these people could have so easily decided to give these dogs shelter on their own roofs when they don't have a clue as to their background. For all their pitiful conditions and large brown eyes, they are still animals and could act as animals at any moment to an unsuspecting man. Surprisingly, most of the time, the dogs turn out good ones or maybe they could sense the goodness in the people they're with. This is widely practiced in the first world countries, not so with the 'other world countries'.

A dog is defined in the Webster's Dictionary as a canine mammal of numerous breeds, commonly kept as domestic pet or the male of the wolf or fox. It is one of the earliest animal that has ever been domesticated dating back to approximately 15,000 years ago. This coincides with the development of agriculture and the large expansion in human territory. Human and dog cohabitation proved successful even on those early times. They are believed to be so sensitive as to their surroundings including that strong sense of smell even of abstract things such as danger. On those early times, they are used as hunters. Believed to be descendants of wolves, they inherited a complex social hierarchy and behaviors from their ancestors. As pack hunters, they are so socially sensitive that they can determine each dog's position within the pack. There are also skills they possess unexpected of any animals, i.e. communicating with the other dogs through nonverbal signs including posture that reveal their states of mind. This could be one of the other reasons why they can be easily trained. This, and their ability to fit into human society and households have earned them the title of the man's best friend.