Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to Keep Your Dog Healthy With These 3 Easy Tips (And He Will Love It!)

Keeping your dog healthy and alert is key in a long and happy life, and you do want to keep your dog healthy, don't you?

Here are 3 Easy Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy for a Life Time!

Veggies - Ditch the soft chewy treats in a bag at the grocery store and buy your dog some carrots! No, seriously... buy your dog some veggies! Cut up carrots, celery and green or other colored peppers make a delicious treat for your pet that he will love. It eliminates the sugar from his diet that is pumped into those soft and chewy dog treats, too! Don't forget that sugar is cancer food and your dog (and you) should eliminate it from your diets! In addition, if your dog needs to drop a few pounds, as many do these days, eating celery actually burns calories and most dogs love the crunchy texture.

Multi-Vitamins - A good multi-vitamin every day is important for a long healthy life. Just as we should supplement our diets with a good multi-vitamin, so should your pooch! Most diets today are made up of processed foods that are missing many vital vitamins and nutrients. Avoid the soft and chewy versions. Sugar is usually a top of the list ingredient and necessary to keep that soft and chewy consistency. There are easy to give yummy crunchy vitamins that your dog will look forward to as a treat. A good multi-vitamin is important especially if you feed your dog grocery store dog food which may have more by-products and fillers as ingredients.

Omega-3 - Omega-3 supports heart health and reduces inflammation in your dog's body. Inflammation is the key trigger in most disease, for us and for our pets. As cancer is the number one cause of death in dogs today, reducing cancer causing inflammation is key in keeping your dog healthy. You should look for supplements containing Omega-3 only. Avoid giving your dog additional Omega-6 or a combination of Omega 3 & Omega 6. There is usually enough Omega-6 added to commercial dog food and you don't want to overdo the 6. There is a great Salmon Oil softgel (500 mg) that dogs love. You can give it to them as a treat or cut it open and squeeze the oil on their food. Many dogs will just take the capsule and eat it as a treat. Check with your vet for proper dosing for your dog's body weight.

These three easy changes in your dog's snacks and supplements will help him live a long, healthy life, and the veggies may help him drop a few pounds as well!

To Your Dog's Good Health!