Monday, January 7, 2013

Interesting Facts About Beagles

General Information

The beagle is a dog breed of medium size. It is an autonomous, energetic, devoted and smart dog. It comes together nicely with kids as well as other dogs. Its roots are those of a hunter and it is generally a bit aggressive towards other small animals.

Historical background

This breed comes from England since several hundred years ago (around 1800). It occurred by the cross breeding of various hounding breeds. As a matter of fact, the beagle has been associated with King Authora's Camelot and William the Conqueror.

The rich British people used beagles to hunt by creating packs of them. Beagles arrived at the United States in the half of the nineteenth century, however at the time they did not look like as they look nowadays.

Temperament of the beagle

Beagles are mildly tempered dogs, not very aggressive but not apprehensive either. They are amicable, trustful, a bit strong-headed, companionable and inquisitive. Beagles get along great with kids and this explains why they are one of the most popular pets for families. They are compassionate and frisky, but simultaneously brave and protecting of loved ones.

Beagles and their nose

Beagles are infamous for their nose and super-strong smelling sense. They have about 220 million smell receptors (whereas man has about 5 million) and for that reason they are quite often used for detecting drugs.

As a potential beagle owner, you should be aware of this fact and realize that when this dog catches a smell, it will be resolved to check it out. Thus, beagles are not appropriate to take with you when you go jogging since they will constantly stop and smell around!

Beagles and food

Beagles love eating and they are usually very protective about their food. As a matter of fact, it will eat until it explodes, so ensure that only proper amounts of food are given to it. Moreover, it can find inspired ways to reach food that might be placed in various stores inside the house.